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Installation composed of 26 glass flowers and 9 clear-yellow glass objects.
Each flower approximately - 22/25/20 cm.
Each clear-yellow objects approximately - 25/30/30 cm.
Technique - glass blowing and hot glass sculpting.

In her work, Noa Fein examines the conscious, physical and emotional change that accompanies the process of human reproduction. 
Fein wishes to focus on and observe the parent or couple that are going through these timeless processes. 
She created a group of fleshy, colourful, glass flowers that project passion, life and strength. The colours  of the flowers gradually fade and lose shape, stretch until they are so deformes they can no longer be identified as flowers. They now cannot even be associated with their shape's starting point. They are transparent, naked and emptied. 
The metamorphosic  maternal cycle is the subject of Fein's work as she questions female identity, sacrifice and sense of belonging.

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